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12th October 2013

#latergram stockholm at night.

23rd September 2013

there’s something about these clouds. #lightningbolt #allkindsofawesome #sunnyday #oslo

6th September 2013


13th August 2013


31st July 2013

docks, and boats, and clouds, and sky… oh, my! ;)

25th July 2013

awesome coffee shop find! “mrs. harris drar til paris.” (goes to paris). it’s moments like these i really wish i understood norwegian!!!

16th July 2013

#latergram looking out over the lake in #voss. one day i will try parabungy here! ;)

19th June 2013

today’s afternoon office. love this place, right down to the book holding the window open. #lifeisgood

11th June 2013

so pretty! i want to go back!!! #latergram #besseggen #norway

9th June 2013

unexpected and super-awesome on the long trek back to the cars: ice chunks spread across the water, which sounded like a giant wind chime. ;)

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